3D Print Pancakes with PancakeBot



I’ve been waiting for the day when 3D printers would become a bit more delicious, and that day is here. This PancakeBot uses 3D printing technology to pour pancake batter directly on a griddle, making pancakes in the shape of anything you wish.

The PancakeBot will retail for $299 but can be purchased from their Kickstarter¬†campaign for $179. Not a bad price to pay for the best breakfast (and lunch, and dinner, and snacks, and desserts…) ever.

I’m guessing the printer can be used for more than just pancake batter. I’d be interested in using melted chocolate with the griddle turned off to make fun chocolate shapes.

Will you be purchasing a PancakeBot? And if so, can I come over for breakfast?

(Hat tip to Steven for sending the link my way!)

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