3D Printed Nails

3D Nails

When polish, nail wraps, and heaven-forbid, acrylics, won’t do, turn to something a bit more extreme: Your 3D printer.

The Laser Girls, a shop on Shapeways, has started selling 3D printed nails, and they’re cool. The ones above are a common design: the spiky, pixelated look comes in a variety of colors and is sure to make you look bad-ass. At $35, they’re around the price of a nice manicure. The nails need to be applied with nail glue or heavy duty adhesive and can only stay on for a short period of time (they recommend 3-5 days or less), but can be reused if you take good care of them. I can see this being a great item to put on for a special event or convention.

Would you wear 3D printed nails? Or is simple polish your limit? What else are you hoping to see from 3D printers in the future?

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