Archie’s Girls Makeup at MAC


Whenever I was home sick from school when I was young, my parents would buy me an Archie digest. The comics were fun and mindless, and became comforting to me. I always thought of myself as Betty; I was the good girl, and couldn’t imagine why boys wouldn’t pick her over Veronica. If you told me that in the future I’d look a whole lot more like Veronica and would be pining over a high-end Betty and Veronica makeup collection, I don’t think I’d know what to say.

But it’s present day, and I’ve been waiting half a year for the Archie’s Girls Makeup collection to launch.

Whether you’re more Betty or Veronica, there are some great colors and options for you. Betty includes the perfect shades of peach and pink, for an effortless “Girl Next Door” look. (I’m loving the “Kiss and Don’t Tell” lipglass and the “Comic Cute” nail lacquer) and Veronica gets sassy with dark reds and purples. (All I want for Valentine’s Day is the “Strawberry Malt” lipglass.)

Check out the entire collection at What will you be adding to your makeup bag?

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