Bring Back the Pinata

Image of Diamond Pinata-Silver

Oh Pinatas, the sweet childhood activity that involved beating a paper animal until his glorious insides spewed out. Why did we ever stop having these as parties? Now that you’re an adult, I suggest you bring them back.*

Confetti System, as seen on on A Practical Wedding, has some gorgeous pinatas that can serve as decoration until the beatings begin (around $140 each). The metallic pinatas could add an excellent bit of glitz to a New Year’s Party (filled with confetti), and the diamond pinata would be perfect for a Bachelorette or Divorce Party (filled with condoms?).

Missing the pinatas of your youth and/or want something with a smaller price tag? Oriental Trading Company has some excellently random and ridiculously colorful pinatas for around $16 each. My favorites include the treasure chest, ice cream cone, dinosaur, skull and crossbones, and of course: the cupcake.

So, what do you think? Are pinatas perfect for your next party or passe? Do you have a traumatic experience involving a pinata? Let me know!

*Providing you have a large space and you keep large amounts of alcohol and/or rowdy guests away from it.

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