Creepy Candy for Halloween

While a handful of fun size candy bars will always be an acceptable gift in this home, there are some items out there that will rock the socks off of your average Halloween treat. If you’re looking to impress your party attendees or want a fun and creepy host/hostess gift, I’d recommend one (or more) of these fun and spooky treats that are perfect for All Hallows Eve.

Zombie Bars

Zombie Bar

These white chocolate crispy bars are green with a blood red “Bite Me” message on top. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who loves zombies (or anyone you’ve always wanted to say “Bite Me” to!). The bars were recently featured on the Food Network. It’s pretty cool to see how they’re made! Get 10% off your order with code “GEEKGIRL10”. Pack of 4 for $19.95.

Spider Lollipops

Spider Lollipops

Freak your friends out with these spider lollipops that look a lot more scary than they are! Instead of a spider, you’ll actually just be eating a cotton candy lollipop. That’s not so bad! Pack of 6 for $15.

Ground Gremlin Meat

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 5.17.04 PM

This ground gremlin meat from Dylan’s Candy Bar is actually 2 pounds of Strawberry licorice laces. Delicious! 2 pounds for $14.99.

Bloody Brain Lollipops


Complete your zombie costume with these fruit punch flavored lollipops. Or give them to someone whose brain you love. 6 for $9.99.

Silver Bullet Mints


Lastly, protect your loved ones and your breath with these silver bullet mints. Guaranteed to keep werewolves away! (Well, people who have eaten these have never been seen with a werewolf.) Tin of 45 mints for $2.50.

Are you planning any fun gifts for Halloween?

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