D20 Pillows for a Cause

(cross-posted from Zaxy.com, because I feel everyone should know about this!)

Perfect for those late night D&D sessions!



My buddy Justin from Pixelated Geek has started an awesome new project I wanted to tell you about. He created sweet D20 pillows (available for $29.99 at ThinkGeek) which are awesome for those crazy adventures you have in dreamland. But the pillows are not just awesome for its shape. Justin has pledged to give 10% of the profits to two charities: Child’s Play, and one he created himself that will focus on scholarships and micro-loans to “fund adventures and projects that will aid the geeky world”.

He has plans for a full pillow dice set (and other fun geeky shapes!), but needs your help to spread the word before he can do that. Get a pillow for yourself and a friend, and know you’re doing some good at the same time!

Interested in learning more about scholarships and micro-loans for your projects? Email justin at pixelatedgeek dot com for more info!

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