Desert Bus 8 Wrap-Up

Last week, I spent some time in beautiful Victoria, BC to work with an amazing fundraising project. Desert Bus For Hope was a week-long livestreamed event where people play the game Desert Bus while doing challenges, auctioning off awesome games, collectibles, and crafts, and talking with various geek celebrities. It was my first time at the event, and in addition to handling media relations, I got to spend some time on the livestream.

Things get weird at Desert Bus. Memes and traditions are formed quickly, and it took me a while to learn all of the inside references from previous years. But, they did their best to educate me with various hazings. Without further ado, here are some of the moments I was on the Desert Bus stream.

(Special thanks to Andrew Ferguson for all of the photos, and the Video Strike Team for cataloging and creating the individual video segments!)


Andrew needed to take some “hairography” pics for a challenge, so I volunteered as Tribute.

Desert Bus folks attempt to haze me by “taking me to the store” but I pass by not laughing throughout the run of the video. It’s one of the more difficult things I’ve done.


I got to drive the bus for a bit during one of the many Caramelldansen moments, so I danced along in my seat. I’d try to explain the Angler Fish mask and hats, but it’s Desert Bus. Just go with it.

While at Desert Bus, an infomercial I modeled for a year ago ended up playing on a tv just offscreen from all the action. I come on-screen to explain the infomercial and what it’s like modeling, then lead folks in a walk-off.

The next day, the chat challenged me and Serge to a Zoolander-style walk-off. James comes in at the end and wins the whole thing.

James may have won, but I still got a sweet Blue Steel gif out of it!

Desert Bus Edible Logo

As the bakers of the group, Kate Stark and I are tasked with creating a “cake” with a kit of edible modeling clay. We decide to make the Desert Bus 8 logo.

As I prepare to leave, I get hazed one final time: Tally, Kathleen, and Ashley “take me to the gay bar”. It’s a wonderful, wonderful moment.


I mean, there’s nothing better than being fed fruit while beautiful ladies dance up on you and smell your hair. Right?

And last but not least, check out our segment on NPR, where you can hear a small bit of me doing Karaoke for one of the first and last times of my life.

All in all, it was a bizarre and magical experience that resulted in more than $630,000 raised for Child’s Play. I’m honored to be involved, and can’t wait for next year!

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