Friday Favorites: April 5

Friday Faves April 5

Whew. Did this week fly by for anyone else? Here are the things that have been keeping my brain occupied for the past week!

Favorite Home Good: Cake Stands
I’ve been wanting a great cake stand or cake plate for a while. It makes the presentation better and if it has a lid, it keeps your baked good fresher longer as well! Unfortunately, my small kitchen means that items with only one use aren’t usually purchased. However, this cake plate can also be used as a platter and a salad bowl. Ridiculously cool and not too expensive!

Favorite Video: Job Hunters Table Read
We took footage from our table read of Episode 6 and spliced it with footage of the final product. Take a look at the changes made from script to scene, and see what it’s like to cold read something! You can see it here.

Favorite App: TicTrac
If you’re a stats nerd, you can finally get all of the stats about yourself and your life in one place. TicTrac syncs with pretty much every app/social media site you use and will compare the data against each other, creating awesome graphs and charts. Plus, you can create goals and tell it what to track to get you closer to that goal. Don’t have a goal in mind? “Shop” in their Project Store and get some pre-existing goals. Sign up for your account at

Favorite Treat: Leftover Easter Candy
I have to eat it all up so it’ll be gone and I can start eating healthy/exercising again. That’s how it works, right? Either way, I’ve been living off of jellybeans and mini chocolate eggs. I’m ok with this.

Favorite Kickstarter: Job Hunters
Ok, you all knew it was coming. We’re down to a little over a day left. We still need your help. Please, consider donating even a few dollars, and tell your friends. We really want to do a second season, and are SO close to making it happen. Donate at



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