Friday Favorites: June 21



Today’s Friday Favorites is Geek and Sundry themed. You see, when you have a large group of talented friends and colleagues, you find out that most of them are up for a lot of the same things. And they’re all ridiculously deserving. Whether or not I move on to the next round of the Geek and Sundry vlogger search, I’m going to be so psyched if any of these folks do. Check out the following videos and give them your votes! (And please, vote for me daily!)

  • Amanda McGinnis. Amanda (of “Console to Closet”) teaches you how to dress like your favorite video game characters.
  • Emily Cohen. Emily talks Star Wars and the Expanded Universe.
  • Joe Homes. Joe gets theoretical while talking about concepts presented in geek movies/literature.
  • Justin Hammond. Justin talks “Fiction Science” and applies science to interesting ideas/theories presented in fantasy/science fiction.
  • Kaitlin Stewart. Kaitlin is adorable and informative in her geek fashion vlog.
  • Kiri Callaghan. Kiri is out to learn everything and anything and tell you about it in her show “Wit and Whimsy.”
  • Mitch Hutts. Mitch is better known as the “Drunken Moogle” and will teach you how to make some fantastically geeky drinks.
  • Rachael Berkey. Rachael encourages you to “Check out a Classic” and recommends some of her favorite classic books.

Know of other awesome vloggers participating? Share them in the comments!

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