Friday Favorites: May 10

Friday Faves 5-10

It’s Friday! Posts have been light this week as I’ve been gearing up for some awesome things in the Geeky Hostess world. Stay tuned, this month should be a wild ride of announcements, photos, and video!

Favorite Video: The World’s End Trailer
Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost drink beer and fight aliens. That’s all you really need to know. I’ll  be looking forward to the midnight screening of this one! Watch the trailer here.

Favorite Game:
This game allows you to collect candies and lollipops and then do things with them, like go on an adventure, purchase items, fight bad guys, and have conversations with frogs. It’s ridiculous. It’s addicting. I love it because I can leave it open in a tab and play short bits of it here and there. Plus it’s about candy. Play carefully–if you close your tab, it won’t save your game. I got up excitedly this morning to go on another quest, only to find out the computer had restarted and my game had been lost. Start playing at

 Favorite Kickstarter: Throwboy Chat Pillows
You may have seen Throwboy at various conventions, and they now want to take their cute chat pillows to the next level by building a production run and selling them in more places. You can make it happen, and get yourself some cute geeky pillows in the process! Donate now for some sweet incentives, including one pillow at the $20 level, and all three at the $55 level. Support Throwboy at

Favorite Treat: Yumm Sauce
Cafe Yumm is a delicious and unique vegetarian restaurant that started in Eugene, OR and expanded throughout the state. Yumm Sauce is, well, their sauce. The closest thing I can compare it to is a goddess dressing. It’s good on everything, I believe it’s good for you, and I can’t think about it without salivating. In the past year, the Seattle area Uwajimayas, Whole Foods, and Metropolitan Markets started carrying it, so now I can get my Yumm fix without driving for a few hours. Find out more about Cafe  Yumm, Yumm Sauce, and their signature Yumm Bowls at

What have been your favorite things of this past week? And how many candies have you eaten?

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