Friday Favorites: May 24 (Arrested Development Edition)

final countdown

You all know I’m ridiculously excited for the new season of Arrested Development. Most of the links I’ve found, videos I’ve watched, and food I’ve eaten in the past week have all been in the Arrested Development theme. Now, lucky readers, I’m passing it all onto you! What a fun, sexy time for you.

Favorite Videos: Arrested Development Sneak Peeks

This site has five different clips of the new season hidden inside the picture. Click around and see what pops up! (My favorite clip includes bees.)

Favorite Sites:  Recurring Joke Pages

I’ve found two different and excellent sites that show all of Arrested Development’s hidden jokes (and where you can find them). Study up before watching Season 4!

Favorite Posts: Arrested Development Recipes

I’ve been posting a lot of recipes/party tips for Arrested Development, and I have one more coming tomorrow morning. Here are the ones I’ve already published!

Favorite Recipe: Skip’s Scramble

You’ll see my version of the Skip’s Scramble tomorrow, but this guy already wins. Every item in his scramble is themed and it’s all beautifully photographed. I can only aspire to be as awesome as him. Find his amazing post at Cooking with B.S.

Will you be watching Arrested Development on Sunday? And will you be watching all the way through, or savoring it by watching only a couple episodes at a time?

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