Friday Favorites: October 11

Friday Faves 10-11

This week I’ve been prepping for GeekGirlCon and trying to get through some other To-Dos. In fact, I’ve even “Cinderella’d” myself. If I can work extremely hard today and get most of my To Do’s done, then I’m taking off a WHOLE day tomorrow. Unplugged, away from everything. I haven’t done that in forever and I can’t wait! Wish me luck!

Here are some of my favorite distractions from the past week:

Favorite Video: “The Art and Science of How Siri Speaks”
If you ever wanted to learn more about voice communication software (or heck, even if you haven’t), watch this video. The process used to get the robotic voices we hear on our phones and in automated call centers is fascinating! Watch it here.

Favorite Blog:
Elizabeth Banks has a blog. And unlike many other actor blogs, it’s actually funny and pretty geeky. It’s technically a Tumblr and includes posts (or Tumbls? I dunno the lingo, man) on being a mom, The Hunger Games, recipes, funny videos/photos, and profiles of other bloggers/vloggers (Jenna Marbles, in particular). Find it here.

Favorite Game: Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker is addictive. You just click on a cookie. A lot. It makes other cookies. Sometimes you use your cookies to buy things like Grandmas or Antimatter condensors that will help you make more cookies. That’s it. You’ll be playing it for the full day, guaranteed. I reopened a window of the game to grab the url, and I just started clicking cookies uncontrollably. I have a problem. Send help. And then click some cookies.

Favorite Challenge: The Doubleclicks’ Weekly Song Wednesday
The Doubleclicks have started creating weekly songs, and it’s really fun to see what they come up with. This week’s “Cats and Netflix” accurately sums up my feelings about Fall/Winter in the Northwest. Listen to them all here!

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