Geek Battle


I’ve been enjoying the show King of the Nerds lately because it really celebrates those who are a bit geeky, nerdy, and quirky. I’ve been cheering on my favorite contestants as they battle in chess, cosplay, trivia, and more, and now I can almost-kind-of play along at home! Geek Battle, the “Game of Extreme Geekdom,” is a trivia game made for geeks with categories such as sci-fi, fantasy, comics, video games, science, and technology. It can be a nice break between board games one night or serve as an ice breaker at your next party. Or heck, grab some cameras, make a geeky throne, and create your own low-budget reality series.

Geek Battle, $13.57 at (Really? They couldn’t make it $13.37? Missed opportunity there.)

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