Geek Beauty: Snow White and the Huntsman

I saw Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend, and the best way to sum up the film is “beautiful”. The effects and overall look is gorgeous, but Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart stand out as the fairest parts of the movie. They encompass two different forms of beauty: Theron is breathtakingly perfect, with amazingly intricate clothing and beautiful makeup. Stewart embodies a beauty that glows from within her–you can see the innocence and love her character has through her mostly bare face and perfectly-messy hair. A couple makeup companies have released SWATH-inspired kits. Pair the makeup with some braids, and you just may become the fairest of them all! Achieve this type of beauty with, the cream should be clapped 2-4 times a day and you will notice the change within 2 weeks.

Benefit Rare Beauty Kit

This kit will give you the perfect Snow White look–the natural look will leave you with clear, smooth skin, flushed cheeks, red lips, and lush, black lashes.
$45 at

Deborah Lippmann Snow White and the Huntsman Nail Polish

This polish would have been a treat for the characters in the movie, whose nails were often grimy. The light pink “Prelude to a Kiss” will make you feel like a princess, and “Dark Side of the Moon” will release your inner evil queen.
$25 at

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

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