Geek Etiquette: Female Role Models

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A Katniss Barbie doll is available for pre-order today, which makes me pretty excited. This tough girl is family-oriented, not fixated on beauty, and extremely brave. The Barbie is not dressed in her flaming red dress or anything cutesy–it features her arena outfit with a loose braid and no makeup.

The doll and the success of the Hunger Games has made me wonder: are we getting stronger, more well-rounded female role models? Are girls “playing pretend” as Katniss instead of a princess waiting to be rescued? And is Katniss, a character in a very violent book/movie series, a good role model? Or is it teaching girls that violence is an acceptable response?

I’d like to open this up to all of you: What are your thoughts on society’s current female role models, fictional or not? Who is your female role model? And if you have kids, who do you steer them towards?

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