Geek Etiquette: Reuse Your Toys

Mr. Geek and I have been doing some “summer cleaning” lately, and with that comes the discovery of a lot of small toys, figurines, swag from conventions, and other goodies that are fun but mostly just take up space. Instead of tossing them, or even worse, leaving them to gather dust on a shelf, I’d like to find a way to reuse them.

I’m taking inspiration from Alter Ego Jewelry: They create fun and funky jewelry and accessories from action figures, cars, and other small toys that’s gotten quite a celebrity following. Check out their offerings here. I personally love the idea of adding toy cars to belts and clutches! I’m thinking I could do a clutch covered in pins from cons? Maybe a necklace or charm bracelet with an extra D&D figurine or two?

Do you have a collection that’s gathering dust? What is it, and what will you do to give it a new life?

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