Geek Fashion: Pocket Bra

You already know I’m obsessed with Scottevest and their clothing featuring billions of discreet pockets. It’s so nice to not have to carry a huge purse around! Now, some students at the ¬†University of Washington (my alma mater!) are taking the pocket trend to the new level with a pocket bra, aptly named “JoeyBra.” This bra features thin, stretchy pockets along the side that will perfectly fit a phone or your key and ID/credit card. No longer will you have to rely on a friend to hold your things or hope that your cleavage will keep that credit card and lip balm held up in your dress.

JoeyBra has an already-successfully-funded Kickstarter page, where you can essentially pre-order a bra for a $30 donation, or get a variety of other rewards. If you are interested in pre-ordering a bra, I suggest you instead go straight to their site and pre-order there. It will still cost you $30, but JoeyBra will receive all of it, instead of Amazon and Kickstarter taking a cut.

The only concern so far is the lack of colors/prints (other than leopard print) and lack of sizes (they currently offer small, medium, and a not-so-large large). They’ve mentioned that the more money they receive from Kickstarter, the more sizes/options they’ll be able to offer in the future. Keep an eye out!

Will you be ordering a JoeyBra? Where do you usually keep your stuff when you go out?

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