Get Deliciously Geeky with Rocky Mountain Cookies

Rocky Mountain Cookies

One advantage of being at Desert Bus For Hope is that I get to see the awesome auction items in person. And after I saw the treatsĀ from Rocky Mountain Cookies, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I’ve entered all the drawings and bid on the auctions. I need more of the cookies in my life.

You see, these cookies are gorgeous. And not only do they look great, but they taste amazing (and I’m not even a big sugar cookie person). The star cookie above is cinnamon roll flavored with cream cheese icing, and the cookie with the Child’s Play logo is a sugar cookie with orange blossom-flavored icing. I ate them both back to back.

Star Cookie

Rocky Mountain Cookies will create custom cookies for you, which means no matter what your party theme, gift idea, or favorite geekdom is, they can make it happen. And they’re going to be SO GOOD. So good, you guys.

Check them out at and say “Thanks” to them for helping support Child’s Play through Desert Bus For Hope!

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