Great Wolf Lodge Groupon

Great Wolf

If you haven’t been to Great Wolf Lodge, you’re missing it. It’s an indoor water park that is 80 degrees all year round. It’s hotel rooms decorated like log cabins. It’s an adventure full of wands, wizards, and animatronic animals. Basically, it’s insanely cool. It’s perfect for families, but also great for a group of adults.

I love going with friends, and whenever a Groupon deal like this comes up, we grab it quickly. We fill a car full of board games and snacks, and enjoy a weekend full of fun at a water park and a night full of talking and gaming. Last time, we locked our phones in the safe so we could truly unplug and enjoy each other’s company.

Wanna do the same? In the Washington location, you can get a cabin that can squeeze up to 8 adults for a little over $250 (which turns out to be a little over $30 a person). It’s so worth it.

Have you been to Great Wolf before?

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