Knitted Beards Will Keep You Cozy

In Seattle, everyone who’s anyone has been growing out facial hair. As the days get colder, the beards get thicker. Get a leg up on everyone else with these knitted beards and hats that will keep you warm and epic-looking. (Bonus, these all come from designers in the Seattle area.)

I’m particularly fond of this extra fuzzy variety.
$25-40, PoorGirlCouture

You can purchase just a beard or a full beard-hat combo from this crafter. (And how cute are the mustaches?)
$15-40, LackOfAGoodName

Looking for something a bit girlier (or perhaps in your favorite team colors)? This shop’s got you covered, as well as bearded hats for kids and patterns to make your own.
$8-50, ByLauraDesign

(Source: Seattle Magazine)

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