Level Up Your Baking with Embossed Rolling Pins

You know those days when you want to add some pizzazz to your cookies but don’t want to break out all of your decorating supplies? Just grab one of these embossed rolling pins¬†from Embossed Co. Once your cookie dough is rolled out, roll over it with this and you’ll create beautiful embossed art in seconds.

If you’re like me and have grand ideas for your themed treats but aren’t necessarily talented at decorating, you will LOVE this. I was afraid the rolling pin would be difficult to use or would get dough stuck in it, but it’s extremely simple to use and clean. The pins come in a variety of designs, but I love this one with leaves. You can use it when making crackers or a nice lemon-herb shortbread. It will class up your next tea party, LOTR viewing party, or DnD session. Leaves not your thing? Check out the paw prints for dog treats, snowflakes for holiday cookies, or the flowers or paisley for a patterned pie crust.

Want to give one of these rolling pins a try? You can get 15% off your order at Embossedco.com using code “GEEKYHOSTESS15” until July 24th.

Have you used embossed rolling pins before? What is your favorite thing to make with them?

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