Fund the My Drunk Kitchen Tour!

Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen fame has an IndieGoGo campaign going to fund a trip across the US. She’ll visit people, through parties, and take My Drunk Kitchen on the road. The campaign started yesterday, and raised more than $90,000 by the end of the first day. (Her goal was only $50,000.) The more money she raises, the bigger and better her tour will be! Everyone that donates receives a vote on which cities she should go to.

Your mission: Donate. Have her visit Seattle. Tell the world that you want her to do an episode of My Drunk Kitchen with me. Because seriously, who doesn’t want to see a My Drunk Kitchen/Geeky Hostess mashup? It would be GLORIOUS.

If you haven’t seen My Drunk Kitchen before, check it out asap. You’ll thank me.

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