Recovering From an All-Nighter

A new game just came out. There’s a midnight screening of the next big blockbuster. You found your favorite series on Netflix. You got lost in a great book. There’s a convention in town. No matter what the reason, there are times we look over at the clock and realize it’s now 5am and we haven’t gone to bed. So what should you do to avoid looking and feeling like a zombie the next day? Here are some tips:

Go About Your Normal Routine
I’ve found that if I continue to do my normal routine (and do my best to dress nicely, put on makeup, all the normal stuff), then I can almost trick my body (and friends) into thinking it’s a normal day. If I just give up and put on sweats and no makeup, then my body’s convinced it’s a sick day, and all hope is lost.

Cover Up Those Dark Circles
Birchbox sent me Benefit’s Fakeup to review, and I absolutely love it. I have never found an under-eye circle concealer I actually liked  until I tried this one. Fakeup is a concealer and moisturizer that goes on like a balm. It stays around all day, doesn’t crease, wrinkle, or get gross, and it looks really natural. Plus, it keeps your skin hydrated. I’ll be using this product in an upcoming video I’m doing for OneUpMakeup, so keep an eye out.

The trick for under-eye concealer is to just put a bit on, and dab it in with your ring finger (instead of rubbing it in). Then incorporate it with the rest of your makeup (I stick a powder over it). Guys can use concealer too!

Need a bit of extra help? Add a bit of highlighter under your eyes to reflect light away from the dark circles, and then put on a bright lipstick to bring the focus on a different part of your face.

Drink Lots of Water
I don’t drink coffee, but after all-nighters, I’ve been tempted. The couple times I’ve had some, I’ve felt jittery, sick, and then just crashed harder after a couple hours. Water will keep you hydrated, healthy, and energized without crashing. If you normally are a coffee or caffeine drinker, just have the amount you normally would.

Eat Healthy Food
Same as above: Unhealthy and sugary food will just make you feel sick and crash. Make sure you’re eating a nice combination of protein, healthy carbs, and fruit/veggies.

Move Around
If you’re stuck at a computer all day, you may find yourself nodding off. Excuse yourself for a quick walk around the office, or just take your time heading to the water cooler and back. You may not feel like moving at all, but I swear it will wake you up!

Take a Quick Nap
If you’re able to, take a quick nap (20 minutes or less). It’ll recharge you a bit without making you groggy or upsetting your sleep schedule.

What tricks work best for you after an all-nighter? And what’s been keeping you up all night lately? 

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