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We all know bow ties are cool, but when was the last time you (or the tie-wearer in your life) wore one? If it hasn’t been in the last month, I suggest we change that. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit dressed up, and there are tons of excuses every day to do it. Go out for a nice dinner. Have an impromptu photo shoot. Invite your friends over for a “fancy dress” party. Let’s show folks that geeks can look chic.

And to help you out a bit, Tie Society’s giving you 50% off the first month of their service. Tie Society calls itself “Netflix for Neckties.” You can select a tie from their huge selection and they’ll send it right out to you.  You keep it for as long as you want, send it back when you’re finished, and then pick out something new. It’s a great way to try out new styles without committing to actually buying it, or keeping your wardrobe fresh and new without leaving your house.

My brother tried the service out for a Great Gatsby-themed event he attended, and he loved it. He said the ordering process was extremely easy, everything came to him well-packaged, and the tie was good quality.

So check them out! Visit and use code “TSTRIAL3” to get half off your first month. Then let me know in the comments when you’ll be dressing up. Or let me know if you can’t choose between ties and want some expert* advice!

*I’m not an expert.

Tie Society provided me a month of their service for free in exchange for a review. All opinions and words are entirely mine/my brother’s. 

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