Roommate Etiquette with the cast of Being Human


One perk of going to San Diego Comic Con as Press is that you get invited to press rooms/interviews. And if you’re like me, you take the opportunity to ask the cast of one of your favorite shows about etiquette tips. Because, why not?

For those who don’t know, Being Human is an amazing show on Syfy (based on a BBC show) that focuses on a relatively simple premise: A werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost living together. If they can all get along, then any of us should be able to make our living situations work. Which is why I asked them for their character’s best roommate etiquette tips.

Meaghan Rath, who plays the ghostly Sally Malik, started us off with some practical advice that applies to ghosts and humans alike:

“Don’t do anything that you don’t want someone to see, because there’s always somebody watching. Be conscious of giving people their space, because that’s always important when you do need your privacy; you need to be able to give someone else their privacy as well. Being roommates with supernatural characters sorta breaks all the rules, I guess, because anything goes. Be prepared for your house to get burned down and your shit to be dirty.”

Sam Witwer, who plays the resident vampire Aidan Waite, went for a more simple (but effective) answer:

“Don’t bite your roommates. It’s a good way to start, anyway.”

What are your tips for dealing with roommates? Leave them in the comments!

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