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Blue Moon Cupcakes

Another day, another cupcake. Am I right? It’s sure felt like that lately. Between birthdays and all of the hullabaloo (wow, what am I, 70?) surrounding the Seahawks these past couple weeks, I’ve been making a lot of cupcakes! For the big game, I made two different types: Beast Mode […]


Choose the Fourth Game of Thrones Beer

For those that may not be aware, HBO teams up withBrewery Ommegang to create Game of Thrones beers. They sell out super quick, and the third beer, Fire & Blood, is coming out at the end of March. HBO, however, is already making plans for the fourth beer in the […]


Game of Thrones Beer

As a complete shock and surprise to EVERYONE, the world did not in fact end today. So now that we’re all still around, let me give you something to look forward to! In addition to new episodes of Game of Thrones in March, you’ll be able to sit down to […]


Get Hammered with a Thor Bottle Opener

Show everyone you have the power of Thor when you open their beers with a replica of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. I sincerely hope it prevents you from lifting it after you’ve had too much to drink. Hammer of Thor Bottle Opener, on sale for $14.99 at ThinkGeek.com.


Geeky Beers at Cafe Mox

Dikla from Have Growler, Will Travel and I visited Cafe Mox to sample some geeky beers. Take a look! The beers sampled were: Freya’s Gold Dragon’s Breath HobGoblin Dragonstooth Stout Want to find these and other unique beers? Check out these beer shops in Seattle! There are plenty, but these […]


Pumpkin Beer Cupcakes

Fall doesn’t start for me until I enjoy my first pumpkin beer. This year, I connected with Dikla from Have Growler, Will Travel, and we created our own pumpkin beer tasting event. Naturally, that meant I needed to create some pumpkin beer cupcakes. These cupcakes are moist, dense, extremely pumpkiny, […]

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Beer Plus Cupcakes = Love

I just discovered the wonderful blog Sweet and Stout, that specializes in beer cupcakes. I’m thinking a beer-y cupcake may be the perfect thing for a nice Fall day. The blog is also just a couple hundred dollars away from reaching their Kickstarter goal to sell their cupcakes locally in […]


Grow Your Own Beer!

During the summer, it’s wonderful to offer your guests some ice cold libations–but do you really want to offer them another PBR? How about you make your own beer? Home brewing has gained popularity, but you can take it one step further by growing your own beer garden. Grow barley, […]