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Skull Candles. Because Why Not?

Add an edgy, gothy feel to your home with this black skull candle. Color more your thing? Lucky for you, the skulls also come in pink, red, orange, yellow, and blue. The skulls seem to be near life-size, so they’ll make a great conversation piece for a while, even after […]

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Butter Candle, McGyver Style

I’ve seen this video making the rounds the past couple days, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to look awesome in front of their friends next time the power goes out? I know I always have some extra sticks of butter lying around… Check out all of Grant Thompson’s […]

A Geeky Home

Geeky Candles

While searching Etsy for Tardis-themed goodies (what, like you haven’t done that?) I came across Bubble and Geek, an amazing geeky-themed candle shop. Their TARDIS candle is vanilla custard-flavored, and their Portal candle smells like chocolate cake (no lie). Take a look at their full collection here! Candles range in […]