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Geeky Cookie Cutters

Guys, I’m gonna go broke and it’s going to be all WarpZone’s fault. The Etsy site has detailed Doctor Who cookie cutters made from a 3D printer. Doctor Who not your thing? The site also has great cookie cutters from fandoms such as Harry Potter, Mario, MLP, Meme faces, and […]

Fun Food

3D Dinosaur Cookies

If baking isn’t enough science for you, then you should grab these cookie cutters. Make yourself some cookies AND put together a 3D dinosaur? Win-win. The dinosaurs all come in their own kits, and they’re around $12 a piece. Reenact Jurassic Park and then feast on the bodies. You know […]


Recipe: Cookie Cakes for Hackers

When someone asks you if you’re a god, you say “yes.” And when someone asks you where to find cookie cakes in Seattle, you say “my kitchen.” I had the pleasure of making cookie cakes for the one year anniversary of Hacker News Meetup Seattle, a great monthly networking event […]

Fun Food

Portal Cookie Cutters

The cake was a lie, but these cookies aren’t. These cookies cutters will allow you to make¬†sweet and sciency cookies for your very own companion. Set includes a Portal, Turret, Running Test Subject, Falling Test Subject, and multiple cutters to make a multi-layered Companion Cube. Plus the whole set comes […]

Fun Food

Ransom Cookie Cutters

I’m in love with these cookie cutters. Leave a ransom note and a little treat for the victim at the same time! I’m thinking a note to Mr. Geek saying “Do the Dishes” may be in order. These would also be fun left on a friend’s doorstep with a cryptic […]

Fun Food

Mustache Cookies

To add to the mustache excitement of the week, I present to you these mustache cookie cutters. How adorable! Munchstache Cookie Cutters, $9.99 at Perpetual Kid. (Source: Geek Alerts.)

A Geeky Home

Decorate with The Doctor

I’ve been obsessed with Doctor Who lately, and have seen all kinds of goodies for your home pop up. Here are some of my faves: Doctor Who prints, $11.99 each at ThinkGeek.com. (I’m partial to the Van Gogh Tardis myself.) For those who really enjoy Matt Smith. $14.99 at EntertainmentEarth.com. […]

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Marvel Collection by Williams-Sonoma

I was walking by Williams-Sonoma this weekend when something caught my eye, and I stopped to stare at the window like a kid longing for the toy bike in the holiday display. Marvel comics had teamed up with Williams-Sonoma. Superhero cupcake wrappers? Spiderman Comic Book cookies? Superhero cakes and cookies? […]

Fun Food

Cookie Speakeasy

Love the cutesy, warm, gooey charm of a cookie but want to combine it with the mystery of a speakeasy or drug deal? Fat Cookie’s got you covered. If you’re in San Francisco, look for the building with a string and bag hanging down. Put a dollar on the string, […]