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How To Make a Dalek Dress

I’m heading back home after an amazingly busy and fun San Diego Comic-Con, and I’m even more inspired to cosplay now. The Suicide Girls have teamed up with American Apparel to create easy cosplay video tutorials using American Apparel clothing. Check out this one for a Dalek dress! They will […]

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Swimmable Mermaid Tails

I used to watch The Little Mermaid every day when it first came out on VHS. I was obsessed, and my mom even made me a fantastic Little Mermaid costume that got many uses. The only thing the costume couldn’t do? Go in water. These swimmable mermaid tails would be […]

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Geek Fashion: Cosplay Tips from the Opera

I had the pleasure of attending a Seattle Opera costume tour last week, and learned a lot of things that could be applied towards cosplay. Take a look at these tips from the opera to make your next cosplay/costume a success! Display your Inspiration.┬áThe opera houses pics of the show […]

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Geek Fashion: Dress Like A Tribute

After a wildly successful opening weekend, it looks like The Hunger Games will be sticking around for a while. Lucky for us, many of the characters/costumes in the movie are pretty easy to recreate (especially since they didn’t take the Capitol people to the level of body paint and whiskers). […]

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Cute Death Star Dress

Jennifer Landa rocked this Death Star dress at San Diego Comic Con, and has recently shared her secrets of making it with the Official Star Wars blog. The gist? It’ll take a beach ball, a lot of paper mache and foam, and a bit of fabric paint. Read all about […]

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Doctor Who: Looking More Adorable Than Ever

Sometimes, you just need an adorable photo in your life. This boy got the picture of a lifetime taken with Karen Gilliam at the London Film and Comic Convention. I’ve been getting into Doctor Who lately, and nothing takes the bite out of a few weeping angel episodes like this […]