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Fun Food

Custom Fortune Cookies

Whenever we get fortune cookies, we read our fortune aloud. Without fail, Mr. Geek always “gets” the same message: “Your children will join the legion of the undead.” Now I can surprise him by actually putting that on a fortune! KC Fortune Cookie Factory is holding an Eversave deal that […]

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Put Yourself in the Comics

The Comics Factory allows you to put yourself or a loved one into the body of your favorite superhero. Not a fan of Marvel? They can create custom superhero characters as well! This would make awesome artwork for your home or can be delivered in a digital file so you […]

A Geeky Home, Gift Ideas

Get Warholized

Warholize.me allows you to turn yourself into a custom piece of Warhol-style art by choosing the photo, color and quote of your choice. One complete, you can share a small watermarked pic or purchase a larger image (suitable for framing) for one euro. Not too shabby! I think this would […]