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Building Block Furniture

Want to build your furniture with LEGOs, but the primary colors not doing it for you? Are the pieces just not comfortable to sit on? Give these a try! The DIY Building Blocks Furniture can be used by kids and grown-ups alike to things like chairs, desks and shelving. This […]

Fun Food

Lego Molds

Whether you’re looking for a Lego cake, ice cubes, chocolate, or soaps, these molds will have you covered. If you have a Lego fan in the house (or are one yourself), this is pretty much a mandatory purchase. Lego mold set, $79.00 at Amazon.com.

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Play with your iPhone: Lego Case

Miss playing with Legos? This case won’t just protect your iPhone, it will also serve as a base for any Lego creation you wish. Just make sure none of the Legos end up on the floor… stepping on them will unleash expletives you didn’t know you had in you. Case […]