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3D Printed Jewelry

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about 3D printers. People are currently trying to find their limits and well, haven’t succeeded yet. I hear rumors of food, body parts, and guns being printed.  How about we take a step back and appreciate it for the art it can create in […]

Gift Ideas

Geeky Watch

Looking for the perfect graduation gift? How about a nice watch that will make that grad actually USE their education? The Geek Wrist Watch uses math to tell time through various formulas and references. Geek Wrist Watch, $65 at Uncommon Goods.

Fun Food, Geek Etiquette

Happy Pi Day!

If you haven’t already heard, today is Pi Day. And while most blogs use it as a chance to post about pies, I say screw that. (Long live the cupcake!). Take today to appreciate the actual subject matter: Pi itself. How many decimals to you know? The Pi Trainer can […]