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Fun Food

Make a Big Mac at Home

I’m in the middle of Barre3’s “28 to Great” challenge and even though I feel amazing and enjoy the food I’m making, I’ve found myself giving longing looks to McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants as I drive by. If like me, you’re trying to eat whole foods and make […]

Fun Food

Behind the Scenes at a McDonald’s Photo Shoot

Like many people, I’ve noticed that food in advertisements don’t often look like the food you get at fast food restaurants. McDonald’s Canada has addressed this and took us behind the scenes to show the process of getting the perfect food photo. As an amateur food photographer, it was really […]

Geek Etiquette

A Playground for Grown-Ups

Want to relive the days of playing in a ball pit without getting kicked out of McDonald’s? Then you better hope they actually build these adult playgrounds: This makes me want to contact the local parks department and start raising money for a grown-up playground. Or at least rent a […]