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Pi Day Deals

It’s Pi Day! A day where lovers of math, baked goods, and all things irrational come together to celebrate 3.14. And lucky for us, a bunch of stores are celebrating with sales or special products! Check out these places below: Hot Topic: Nerdist and Hot Topic teamed up to create […]

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It’s Pi Day!

  I have some sort of amalgamation of “Friday” but with lyrics about pie stuck in my head. “It’s Pi(e) Day, Pi(e) Day, everyone eat pie on Pi(e) Day, looking forward to the pecan, pecan….” Sorry. Anyway, it’s Pi Day! The day where we get to celebrate math and use […]


Dad’s Famous Pie Recipe

For Pi Day, I went to the best pie maker I know: my dad. I’ve had pie-loving friends rave over his pies, and he’s especially well known for his pie crust. Today I present to you his famous blueberry pie recipe!  The first step is making the filling.  Mix the […]