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It’s Pi Day!

  I have some sort of amalgamation of “Friday” but with lyrics about pie stuck in my head. “It’s Pi(e) Day, Pi(e) Day, everyone eat pie on Pi(e) Day, looking forward to the pecan, pecan….” Sorry. Anyway, it’s Pi Day! The day where we get to celebrate math and use […]


Dad’s Famous Pie Recipe

For Pi Day, I went to the best pie maker I know: my dad. I’ve had pie-loving friends rave over his pies, and he’s especially well known for his pie crust. Today I present to you his famous blueberry pie recipe!  The first step is making the filling.  Mix the […]

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Pie Pan for Picky Eaters

Happy Pi Day! Although in the past I’ve refused to write about pie (cupcakes ftw!), I will make an exception today. This pie pan is one of the niftiest inventions I’ve seen in the pie-sphere in quite some time. Making pie for a group and can’t decide between apple and pumpkin? […]

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Happy Pi Day!

If you haven’t already heard, today is Pi Day. And while most blogs use it as a chance to post about pies, I say screw that. (Long live the cupcake!). Take today to appreciate the actual subject matter: Pi itself. How many decimals to you know? The Pi Trainer can […]

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You’ll Fall in Love: The Piecycle

One of my friends from UW, Max Kraushaar, has recently become a bit of a Seattle celebrity with his new business: The Piecycle. This past weekend, KOMO 4 News tagged along. Can’t you just imagine how those pies smell? Amazing. And this guy even biked around on his birthday, a […]

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Proof: Pies are Indeed, the New Cupcake

The Seattle Wedding show featured many cakes and cupcakes, as is expected. But what else did I spy there? PIE. Not just any pie. No. Because pie would be the new cake. So what would be the new cupcake? CUP-PIES. Seriously. These exist, they’re adorable, and they’re delicious. It’s like […]

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Trends for 2011: Year of the Pie?

Now that the new year is here, folks are clamoring to be a part of the latest and greatest trends. But what will they be? Upon conversations, research, and speculation, here are my opinions: Tech CES is currently going on, and news stations are quickly stating their predictions for the […]