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Fun Food

Pizza Vending Machine

…Because dreams really do come true. This pizza looks amazing, but what’s with the appeal of having this pizza never touch human hands? Whatever happened to things being lovingly handmade? Would you eat a pizza from a vending machine? (Hint: I so would.) Thanks to Jared for the tip!

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Sleep With Your Food

Etsy seller B Fiber and Craft Emporium has created some AMAZING ways to incorporate your favorite food into your everyday life. Why eat a slice of pizza when you can sleep in one? Why enjoy a slice of bacon when you can wear it around your neck? Take a look […]

Fun Food

Geeky Cupcake Toppers

I love to make and give cupcakes, but sometimes they’re just a bit too boring. These cupcake toppers will add a bit of fun to  your cake (and possibly double as a cool favor or piece of jewelry after the cupcake is gone!) Star Wars Light Saber Cupcake Picks You […]