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It’s Cookie Decorating Season!

  Get out your favorite cookie cutters and recipes, and stock up on fun sprinkles and natural sugars: Cookie Decorating Season is here! Save 25% on your entire Geeky Hostess order today through Monday, November 28th. Just head on over to geekyhostess.com/shop and use code “COOKIE”. Are you outside of […]

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Geeky Hostess Store Sale!

Make way for sprinkles! To get ready for sprinkles and the new Geeky Hostess store that comes with it, I’ve put many of the current Geeky Hostess items on sale! Find t-shirts, tote bags, underwear, and even an Espionage Makeup Collection for up to 30% off! Check it out and […]

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Geeky Hostess Store Sale!

The geeky sprinkles are coming! This month, I’ll be receiving thousands of bottles of sprinkles, and with this huge shipment, I’ll be making some (awesome) changes to the Geeky Hostess store and site. To make room for these new additions, I’m having a store-wide sale! From now through Sunday, November […]

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Giant ModCloth Sale!

ModCloth is one of those sites that I visit whenever I just want to take a break and look at pretty things. Everything on their store is fun, cute, and so “me.” And I’ve found most of my friends feel the same way. I haven’t purchased something from them yet […]

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Use DogeCoin at the Geeky Hostess Store

…Yep. Until 10pm PST on Friday, December 20th, you can use DogeCoin as currency at the Geeky Hostess Store. Why? Why not. Here are other questions you may have. What is DogeCoin?  DogeCoin is a cryptocurrency created a little less than 2 weeks ago. It started off as a parody […]


Pre-Order Geeky Hostess Merch for GeekGirlCon!

  I will have my first ever Geeky Hostess booth at GeekGirlCon and I can’t wait! I’ll be selling Geeky Hostess products, giving out cupcakes, sharing some upcoming projects, and chatting with all of you. Since I haven’t sold my merch at a convention before, I don’t know how quickly […]

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Threadless Sale

Threadless is having another $10 tee sale (and everything else is on sale as well!), and I think I’ve been really good about not picking up tons of t-shirts at cons this summer. Clearly that means I can splurge now, right? These are some shirts I’m putting in my shopping […]

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$8 Costume Sale!

I posted a while back about a $10 costume sale BuyCostumes was having, and I ended up buying a bunch of stuff myself. Well, today they announced that many of the costumes/accessories from that sale are now $8 or less! Ridiculous. If you need costumes, check out the sale. If […]

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$10 Costumes!

BuyCostumes.com is having some sort of crazy sale where a large amount of their costumes and shoes are on sale for $10 each. It’s for today only, but if you hurry, you can fill up your cart, same as I did. I can’t wait for my lightning bolt heels! Find […]

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Threadless Sale!

If we’re already talking about witty tees, I might as well mention that there’s another $10 Threadless sale going on! I quickly bought the shirt above, which I’ve had my eye on for a couple months. It’s going fast, but you can grab one as well right here. Check out […]