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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: September 6

Summer is over! Con season is over! (Ok, that’s a lie. I know of three more cons coming up in the next month or two.) Job Hunters production is over! (Also a lie. We’ve got a few tiny shoots left over this next month or so.) Time to sit around […]

Libations, Recipes

Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka

  Stoli has announced a salted caramel flavored vodka, and I am half skeptical and half excited to try it. The salted caramel trend has clearly reached its peak, and while I think this vodka would be a great accent to brownies, cupcakes, or other baked goods, I can’t imagine […]


PB&J Vodka

Want a vodka that will remind you of your favorite childhood lunch? Van Gogh has created a PB&J vodka that sounds very intriguing. They say: “The fragrance of our PB&J vodka is predominantly of peanuts complemented by the fresh fruit aroma of raspberry. In the mouth, the roles are reversed […]