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Scented Wallpaper

Always wanted to be a bit more like Willy Wonka? Or maybe the witch from Hansel and Gretel? Make your house a bit more magical with cherry and chocolate scented wallpapers. The cherry paper is pretty self-explanatory, but the chocolate is the one I truly love. The damask pattern hides […]

A Geeky Home

Imperial Forces Wallpaper

I never thought I’d say the phrase “elegant Star Wars wallpaper,” but here I go. This is some fantastic and elegant Star Wars wallpaper. The design is small and beautiful enough to be unassuming, but look closer and you’ll see the faces of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and members of […]

A Geeky Home

When Bugs On Your Walls are a Good Thing

Grow House Grow creates beautifully hand printed wallpapers featuring some unique imagery. This piece, part of the “Naturalist Collection” is inspired by Mary Ward, a scientist in the 1800s who became engrossed by both insects and microscopy. While a whole room of this may be a bit much, I do […]