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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: July 12

The good part of Friday Favorites: I get to look over all the fun things I discovered over the past week. The bad part? I keep seeing the dates tick past each Friday and wonder where all the time is going. Can the world slow down for a second, please? […]

Gift Ideas, Libations

Creative Wine Wrappers

Here’s another great thing from Fab.com today (I seriously need to buy stock in this company, or get a job there or something): Wine Wrappers. These are created by Studio Oh! and are a great way to present a bottle of wine as a gift, or cover up an ugly […]

Gift Ideas

Delicious Wrapping Paper

Gift Couture creates unique wrapping paper in sets, starting with this hamburger collection. They’re taking pre-orders through their Kickstarter campaign; a $20 donation will get you a complete set. I can’t wait to see what other themes they’ll come up with!