Take a Mid-Day Adventure!

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The start of 2016 has been a giant stress-monster. Between family emergencies, work stresses, and last-minute moves, I haven’t had a break. The magical fairies over at Emerald® Nuts must have seen what was going on, because after agreeing to partner with them for a blog post, I got a package on my doorstep that was exactly what I needed.

Emerald Nuts Package

The package encouraged me to use their new fun cashew flavors as an excuse to get out of my rut and do something fun and unexpected.

Emerald Cashews

I mean…when you get loot like this in the mail, you can’t turn down their offer. Right? 😉

So I grabbed the cashews and left my day behind for an hour to go on an adventure. I headed to the Fremont Troll, a fun and hidden tourist-destination that I hadn’t visited for years. I thought ol’ Trolly would want to join me in a midday snack. I approached apprehensively at first, jalapeno and sriracha cashews in hand. I thought the spicier nuts would be good guesses for the troll. Surprisingly, his favorite was the dill pickle flavor! He loved how crisp and tangy they tasted. (They seriously tastes just like dill pickles!)

Fremont Troll

I’m a fan of the salt and pepper-flavored cashews myself, but I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to my nuts. However, the dill pickle nuts would make a fabulous side to a sandwich and the sriracha cashews (my second fave!) would be amazing on top of a Thai-inspired salad!

Troll and Emerald

After taking some selfies and enjoying the surprise Seattle sunshine, I left the Troll with some of his fave cashews, and tucked a few of the 100 calorie packs in my pocket for later. Reinvigorated, I was ready to power through the rest of my day. And next time I’m feeling cranky, stressed, and tired, I know I just need to take some time out for a quick adventure.

When was the last time you challenged yourself to break out of your rut? What adventures do you go on when you need a change of pace?

Special thanks again to Emerald Nuts for sponsoring this post and encouraging me to get out of my rut. It was greatly needed! And seriously, check out their new cashew flavors. I’m munching on all of them as I write this post and I can’t get enough of them! Want more Emerald Nuts in your life? Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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