You May Be at SDCC, But I’m Relaxing with Adagio Teas


Adagio Collage

I’m gonna be honest with you. Missing SDCC this year has been rough. It’s my first time in 4 years not attending the mega-con, and last night, while the Geeks Go Glam Party and Wootstock were going on, I couldn’t do anything but stalk my Instagram and Twitter feeds, seeing what all of my friends were up to. I was pretty sad to be missing one of the best weeks of the year. But this morning, with the help of Adagio Teas and their amazing Fandom Blends, that feeling changed. Instead of waking up sharing a hotel room with 4 other girls, feeling exhausted, sore, and hungover, mentally prepping myself for another day of heat, lines, and wall to wall people, I got to wake up in my own bed, well-rested and refreshed, ready for a productive work day at my computer. I got to head downstairs and make a wonderful Avengers-themed tea, and there were NO LINES anywhere. NONE!

Hero Recovery Tea

So let’s hold up for a second and talk about these teas. This line, called “Hero Recovery” is based on the Avengers characters, and it’s just the cutest thing in the world. My fave blend is Captain America’s (or “Stars and Stripes”) because it aptly smells and tastes just like apple pie. Yum! Avengers not your thing? They have a bajillion other fandom blends available, and if you don’t see one you like, you can make your own! (I’d recommend trying any by Cara McGee–she seems to know her stuff and her art is so cute!)

So I may not be at SDCC, but that isn’t stopping me from enjoying some geekiness form the comfort of my own home. I look forward to a cozy weekend sampling more of these cute teas, wearing my geekiest t-shirts, and digging into a new pile of comics. (I just read my very first issue of LumberJanes and LOVED it! I’m hoping to pick up some more asap!)

Are you also missing SDCC? What are you doing to cope?

(Special thanks to Adagio Tea for gifting me these goodies to try! You’ve made this week much easier!) 

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