4D6: Adventure in a Drink

Last night I had the pleasure of visiting Mistral Kitchen with my friend Lisa, where we tried their now famous 4D6.

When ordering a 4D6, you are presented with four wooden dice out of a rich, leather bag. The dice feature different types of spirits and flavors that your drink will then be made from. And you’re warned from the start: No re-rolls.

Lisa took initiative and rolled first. Her drink? Tequila, herbal, dry, aromatic. Mine? Absinthe, fruit, brandy, and bitter. We munched on a cheese plate and wondered what our drinks would end up tasting like. Mine tasted like a fancy cough syrup, not so tasty. But Lisa’s was amazing: herbal, sweet, smooth, with a bit of tang from the tequila. Amazing.

You never know what you’re going to get, but it’s always an adventure!

(Mistral Kitchen filled up quick on a Wednesday, so reservations are encouraged. We were lucky to grab a seat at the counter where we saw them prepare some gorgeous plates for those eating dinner.)

The 4D6 is $12, at Mistral Kitchen.

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