Adorable Music Video: “Geeky Love”

Proposal Day is coming up in a week (no, seriously, there is an official “Proposal Day” and it falls on March 20th) and this music video will get any geek in the mood for love and popping the question.


Mr. Geek proposed to me during an improv performance (we met in that improv troupe) at Relay for Life (where we first officially started dating) on our 5 year anniversary. It was absolutely perfect for us! Are you engaged/married? What was your proposal like? Still single? What’s your dream proposal? (And if you plan on popping the question soon and don’t know how you should do it, email me! I love to help with that sort of thing!)


  1. I was proposed to in a rather elaborate way involving a scavenger hunt around town that led me to where we first met, where we first kissed, and ended at where we took our first hike. It was very romantic!

  2. That sounds amazing!

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