Ban the Phone Book! is putting together a great “Ban the Phone Book” campaign, encouraging folks to sign a petition for an “opt in” system for phone books. It launched a video today, asking people when their last time using a phone book was. My fiance and I were lucky enough to be in it!

Check it out:

I couldn’t believe that $17,000,000 in tax payer money is used for phone books. Wow!

Interested in helping out? You can sign the petition here, or tweet out a link to the page and YOUR last time using the phone book with #mylasttime.

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  1. I know I barely use my phonebook any more. I look up numbers online.

    In 2015 we’ll have cybernetic implants (as we know from Back to the Future II), so the thick phone book will go the way of the “like a baby’s toy” video games.

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