Become a Criminal with Cat and Canary

If I gave you the chance to commit some crimes–pickpocketing, theft, and fraud to name a few–and get away with it, would you?

I had the opportunity to do just that a couple weeks ago, and while it wasn’t technically real (I am posting about this publicly, after all), it gave me the same thrill I assume criminals get.

Cat and Canary Co. reached out to my friend Kristina about a new experience called The Confidence Game, and we were instantly intrigued. The experience lets you and three friends turn into conmen for the night. You meet up with contacts in bars, break into hotel rooms, steal diamonds, and sell them to diamond dealers. It is extremely realistic and there are a few fun surprises throughout the night, but if anything gets “too real” for you, you’ve got a safe word at your disposal. They split us up into groups of two: The hustlers and the thieves. Joe and I took on the roles of rogues, while we let our counterparts Alexander and Kristina do the sweet talking.

I learned a few things about myself that night: I’m a horrible pickpocket and liar, and while I can pretend to be a hardened criminal, my lawful good side comes through when you try to make me jaywalk. For now I think I’ll keep the lying and stealing to my D&D characters and continue to live a lawful life. But the next time Cat and Canary comes out with another adventure, you know I’ll be ready to suit up and play evil for the night.

In addition to doing specific experiences, Cat and Canary can also create something custom for you. You’ll go around your city, interacting with amazing actors, and doing things you’ve only seen in movies. I would absolutely recommend you do this. I’m already imagining the most epic birthdays, proposals, and more. If you end up doing something with them, let me know what you think!

Would you let a group of strangers turn you into criminals for the night?

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