Black Friday Tips From the Hunger Games


You’ve volunteered as Tribute to stand out in the cold and get the best deals for your house. What can you do to make sure you return a Victor and don’t just become a cannon shot in the sky? Follow these tips gathered from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! (Warning: If you have not read the books or seen the movie, some of these tips may contain spoilers.)

Form an Alliance: You may have the best stamina for waiting in lines, but you’re nothing unless you team up with someone who can see over crowds, someone that can hold a lot of bags, or someone that can function in the early morning. Team up and form alliances–that way one person can wait in line while the other shops or does a coffee run.

Stay Hydrated: There won’t be any trees to get water from, and there may not be a water bottle in sight, either. Bring your own from home and refill it whenever you pass by a water fountain.

Have a Supporter Back Home: Have someone back home that can come to your rescue if things get too intense. They may not be able to parachute anything in to you, but they can provide you with valuable information. Call them to check up on sales/deals, ask them to have food prepped and waiting for you, or just to hear a non-crazy voice.

Prepare: I sure hope you haven’t gotten rusty since the last Hunger Games! Make sure you know the layout of the stores, the model numbers and sizes of the items you want, and the ideal shopping route. And stretch. Seriously. It also won’t hurt to practice lifting heavy bags.

Wear the Right Attire: The Hunger Games uniform is always made to be best in the environment they’re in. For most of us, that means you’ll want to dress in layers and something you can walk a good distance in. Waiting outside? Make sure you’ll be warm enough, but can shed those layers once you’re in the store. Walking around a mall? Leave the bulky coat in the car so it’s one less thing you have to carry. And don’t forget about side braids–a surprisingly fashionable way to keep hair out of your way!

It’s a Clock! Deals come in waves, and many are on timelines. Map out the stores you want to hit and when you want to hit them, and then keep an eye on your watch.

Know When To Sacrifice Yourself: Sometimes the deals just aren’t worth it. If it looks like a stampede’s about to break out, get yourself out of harm’s way. If a sweet, young couple is in danger and has a shot of winning that big screen tv that you don’t really need, let them have it. A bit of compassion can go a long way.

It’s Just a Game: Black Friday is just a game. It’s just one day of deals and gimmicks. Get the shopping done that you can, and think of it as preparation for the real war: The weekend before Christmas.

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  1. This is awesome! Wish I had seen it sooner! 🙂

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