Build a Personal IMAX Theater

Have tons of money lying around? Have a part of your house you don’t ever use? Will you only watch movies if they’re 20 feet tall and in 3D? You should get yourself a personal IMAX theater. And then we should become close friends. I’ll bring the popcorn.

IMAX’s website claims that “Everyone’s experience it. Few will own it.” After speaking with a personal consultant, they will look at the space you have available and design a theater and sound system exclusively for you to give you the best quality of film-watching possible. You’ll be just like the directors who watch their IMAX films in a private theater for the first time, except you’ve never directed anything and probably have more money than them.

See more at The price isn’t listed, which means it’s automatically out of my price range. I’ll stick to my normal-sized TV for now.

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