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Doctor Who Cutlery!

You’ll be able to dine like the doctor with this fantastic new set of sonic screwdriver cutlery. The silverware is available from Entertainment Earth starting in November, but you can pre-order it now. The cutlery is $29.99 for a set of 3 (a fork, knife, and a spoon). Make sure […]

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Turn Your Door into the TARDIS

I’ve always wanted to paint my door a vibrant color, and since I started watching Doctor Who, the color of choice has become TARDIS blue. However, ¬†I currently live in an apartment and painting my door would be frowned upon and more work than it would be worth. So in […]

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Altered City Skyline Prints

Pay homage to your favorite cities in a slightly less boring way. These skyline prints feature monsters, dinosaurs, UFOs, and more in the city of your choosing. I think they would look fantastic on their own or in a series! You can find them for $19 each at Fab.com, or […]

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Tentacle Wall Decal

How cool would these be peeking out of your bathtub? These tentacle wall decals come in a variety of sizes, so they can come out of your sink, tub, shower, or anywhere else you may want. Tentacles not your thing? StickerBrand¬†has a variety of options including tree branches, pirate ships, […]

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Build a Personal IMAX Theater

Have tons of money lying around? Have a part of your house you don’t ever use? Will you only watch movies if they’re 20 feet tall and in 3D? You should get yourself a personal IMAX theater. And then we should become close friends. I’ll bring the popcorn. IMAX’s website […]

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Home Decor Inspired by Doctor Who

Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) was my favorite of the season so far. As the title would indicate, we got to explore a bit more of the inside of the TARDIS, and included in that is a grand library with a few fun […]

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Threadless Home Goods

Threadless just keeps branching out to new products. Give them enough time, and everything in your home and on your body can be a Threadless design. (At least, we can only hope!) Here are some ways you can incorporate them into your home: Throw Pillows, $24.50   Dish Sets, $19.50 […]

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Smell Like Your Favorite Author

The Library collection of candles won’t make your home smell like old books–instead, it will make your home smell reminiscent of your favorite author. Whether you prefer the cardamom, sandalwood and absinthe scent of Edger Allan Poe or the gardenia, tuberose and jasmine scent of Jane Austen, there’s a candle […]

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Geek Etiquette: Maintain Your Home

You most likely don’t want to be known as the creepy house with overgrown weeds. If kids run away screaming from your lawn, and refuse to get baseballs that land in your backyard, then you may have a problem. Brightnest solves that problem in a tech-savvy way. Sign up for […]

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Fairy Tale-Inspired Decor From West Elm

I had the pleasure of attending another West Elm meetup last week, where I was shown their newest collections. Their South African influenced Fall collection is bright and beautiful, but my inspirations were hidden elsewhere in the store. I have fairy tales on the brain. After attending a Fairy Tale […]