Home Decor Inspired by Doctor Who

Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) was my favorite of the season so far. As the title would indicate, we got to explore a bit more of the inside of the TARDIS, and included in that is a grand library with a few fun items. I personally would love to incorporate the feel of that library and these items into my own home decor!

Encylopedia GallifryGallifreyan encylopedias house verbal stories and facts in bottles, and they look amazing on a shelf. This forum is currently discussing the bottles and where to get them to make your own encyclopedia. If you don’t care if it’s the same bottle, then just get enough of the same bottle to fill your shelf, print out your own labels, and stick them on with some spray adhesive or rubber cement. You can go above and beyond by sticking a small recording device in the top of some of the bottles: when you remove the top and press “play” your own recorded history can begin spouting out, just with less purple smoke.

Doctor Who - Series 7B

I fell in love with this grand book and book stand when I saw it. Although we can’t purchase the book (yet–give it time, I’m sure it’ll be made), we can take the idea of putting our books on display and run with it. Find an old book that means something to you, and find an area of your house where you can display it prominently on a stand. Can’t find a giant gold book stand like the one in the episode? Look for cookbook holders. They’re often intricate, pretty, fairly inexpensive, and just take up a bit of room on a countertop. I have an antique one I bought a few years back, but Amazon.com has some antique-looking ones available for under $30 each. I recommend this one and this one.

Really want the look of the Time War book? Etch the shape and designs into clay, bake it, then adhere it to a fake leather-bound journal. Voila!

What elements of Doctor Who and the TARDIS would you incorporate into your home?

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  1. Ooh great ideas!

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